Terms & Conditions

Below you will find all our terms and conditions regarding the use of 21Websites, work related terms, refunds, privacy and general terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Information and terms regards our Privacy Policy

21Websites tries their utmost to ensure that your privacy is protected. 21Websites respects your privacy and takes all precautions necessary to protect your privacy and we try our utmost to develop / provide a safe online experience. This Statement of Privacy applies to the 21Websites website and governs data collection and usage. By using our website - 21Websites, you give your consent to the data practices described in this statement.

Use of Cookies

The 21Websites website use of “cookies” help to personalize your online experience. Cookies are text files which are placed onto your hard disk by a web page server.. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you, and can only be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Our primary use of cookies is to ensure you can; experience the full functionalities that our site has to offer for your online experience once you visit one of our related web pages. The purpose of our cookie is to tell the web server that you have returned to a specific page. As an example: Should you register/ sign-up / personalize / or modify a change on our site or services, this cookie will recall the changes made on 21Websites for your future visits to our website. This is to ensure that certain information is stored and recorded for later use, for example; billing addresses, email addresses personal information, etc. Once you return to our website, 21Websites, the information that you entered / changed and/or saved, will automatically be retrievable. You are able to accept or decline cookies, you have the decision and right to provide or decline certain information. As most browsers automatically accept cookies, you may choose to turn off/ decline cookies on your browser. In the event that you have your cookies disabled, please note that you may not experience the same features and/or functionalities on the 21Websites website.

Collection of your personal information

The 21Websites website and related services collects personal and identifiable information, such as; email addresses, phone numbers, work addresses and/or any information further requested. This information is kept by 21Websites in order to connect, provide services and/or work with clients. Should a user on our website, 21Websites and/or any relating pages/services, refuse to provide such information the user is not forced in any way to provide, send, distribute, send through or share any information via our forms, emails or any further relating means of contact in order to view our site. 21Websites may also collect anonymous demographic information, which is not unique to you, such as/ but may not be limited to; your ZIP code, age, gender, preferences, interests and favorites. There is also information about your computer hardware and software that is automatically collected by 21Websites through a third party; Google analytics. This information can include: your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and referring website addresses. This information is used by 21Websites for the operation of the service, to maintain quality of the service, and to provide general statistics regarding use of the 21Websites website. We urge users to remember that should you reveal any personal information or information relating to sensitive data, 21Websites is not liable for such practices. We, 21Websites and any relating services/websites, are not liable for any privacy statements or terms of use statements on services, referrals and/or any website or business not owned or managed directly by 21Websites.

Use of your personal information

We, 21Websites, may collect and use personal information provided in order to operate the 21Websites website and deliver the services a user or client may have requested. We may at any time use personally identifiable information to inform and communicate to our users/clients of other products or services available from 21Websites and its affiliates. 21Websites may communicate to users/clients via forms and surveys for our own research purposes and/or in order to provide our services. This may include; form surveys for the general user – this may be a questionnaire, questioning the thoughts and/or opinions relating to our website and/or services, which the user has all decision and options whether or not to participate in. Once the users/clients agree to work with us we may also communicate via convenient ways (messages, emails, etc) in order to send question forms relating to the current projects/services, in order to provide our services. We, 21Websites, do not sell, rent, hand-out, or distribute your personal information to any third-parties. Should 21Websites provide referral/suggest business/services that are not relating or managed by 21Websites, we will not share your personal information with external business partners or any third party. 21Websites does not use or disclose sensitive personal information, such as race, religion, or political affiliations, without your explicit consent. 21Websites has the right to track our own websites and relating pages, services and such, for research purposes. This data may be used in order to enhance the services or provide content, advertising and/or promotions within 21Websites website and/or other managed services by us. 21Websites websites will disclose your personal information, without notice, only if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on 21Websites, site and/or any services relating to us; (b) protect and defend the rights or property of 21Websites; and, (c) act under demanding circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of 21Websites, or the public.

Security of your personal information

Your personal information is protected by 21Websites from unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure. We collect, store and protect your personal information on servers/computers within a controlled and secure environment. We will never provide/sell/share any of your personal information to any third party, or business not owned or managed by 21Websites.

Changes to this statement

We may occasionally update our Terms of Use/Policy pages without notice. We encourage our clients and users to review and inform themselves about our terms and conditions and to inform one’s self of how we use, manage and protect your information.

Contact information

21Websites has many means and ways to be contacted. Should you need to get in touch with us, have questions relating to this statement(s) in our terms and conditions page(s), please contact us directly on; info@21websites.co.za . We will try our utmost to correct and remedy any problems relating to this statement in a professional manner.

Terms of Use

Information on our Terms of Use

21Websites reserves the right to change and/or modify any of our terms, conditions and notices that are associated to, relating to and managed by 21Websites.

Agreement between user and 21Websites

The 21Websites website is built on numerous web pages that are updated and maintained by 21Websites. Our website is free to use and browse with no hidden requests such as, email sign ups, etc. By using our website you have read and agree to all our Terms and Conditions stated. By using our website, 21Websites, you agree to all terms, conditions and notices.

Links to third party sites

We, 21Websites, may add and remove external links on our website that do not relate or are not owned by us in any way. These links are out of our control and we cannot be held liable for any of the content within these links to these external website/resources, or for the various changes, updates or such relating to these links. 21Websites cannot be blamed for any damage, sensitive content or any wrong done to the users/clients of our website by these links. Links provided visible on our website are done so purely out of convenience and/or help and guidance for us and our users/clients. 21Websites does not promote or endorse any of the links or their websites or any associations relating to these links.

No unlawful or prohibited use

By the use of our website, you adhere to 21Websites that you will not use our site for any purpose that might be considered unlawful or obstruct the agreement of our terms and conditions. By using our website you respect the manner in which it is presented to you and you will not; obstruct, cause harm or interfere with the website and any third party software and the experience of any user on or relating to the website. Sensitive information and any further attempts to obtain materials relating to 21Websites is strictly forbidden unless agreed upon and provided through 21Websites or made available on the website.

Use of communication services

The 21Websites website may contain areas of communication, such as, but not limited to; chat areas, forms, comment sections, calendars, personal web pages, and/or other communication access points. These are for the purpose of 21Websites to communicate with their users/clients in an easy and convenient manner. By using these communication services you agree to, but not limited to ; protect the amount of sensitive data you send through on our website or other means of communication or services; you may not abuse, harass, stalk, threaten the rights of others (privacy and publicity rights); you may not promote any unlawful actions or any form of expression of such thoughts; you may not infringe, leak sensitive data or retrieve sensitive data regarding, but not limited to, users of this site; you may not upload files that may contain viruses or any relating software that may harm or damage the website and/or users of the website; you may not threaten, retrieve sensitive data, advertise or offer services or use our website as a personal or commercial hotspot for business deals not relating to or approved by 21Websites; you may not obscure files and or folders relating to 21Websites, the website and any other related property; you may not collect information regarding our clients, users, research analytics or any other form of private or sensitive information that belongs to an individual or 21Websites; you may not display, sell, reference, leak or take any further actions with written, spoken, or any information provided or discussed in any form between 21Websites and the client/user (as this not only is a leak of information but would be considered handing out our services at a free charge); you may not freely distribute our paid for services or any relating service create, offered or received from 21Websites; you do not control the information of an individual and therefore may not be granted information regarding a certain individual, unless stated that you personally control and have consent of the rights of a certain individual which grants you (which must state by law) the right to obtain their information.

21Websites has no obligation to moniter a certain user/post/activity on the 21Websites website, but we hold the right to do so at anytime; review materials, services, and communications without notice for any reason whatsoever. 21Websites reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to adhere to any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit/update, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, relating to or withint the websites or managed services provided by 21Websites.

Remember to use caution in your actions, or when handing out personal/sensitive information of any form or kind. 21Websites disclaims any liability regards the nature in which its services of any kind are used and can’t be held liable for any participation within the website or any service/software/communication or further such products and services relating to and/or managed by 21Websites. Any material that is uploaded/sent/received or otherwise distributed may have limitations on usage, reproduction and/or dissemination. By using our website and services you adhere to such limitations and fully respect the terms stated above and within this written document .

Materials and Content provided or posted to 21Websites

21Websites does not own or claim any information provided such as, but not limited to, feedback and suggestions, posts, uploads, inputs and submissions of forms or anything relating to 21Websites services that is provided from a user/client. However, by distributing such information you agree that 21Websites has the right to use and/or provide affiliated companies and necessary sublicenses permission to use this information in any way we see fit, such as, but not limited to; testimonials, publicity, ratings, reproduce, translate, edit, copy, reformat or distribute information that is in connection with your submissions. 21Websites is not obliged to pay/compensate for the use of these submissions. Any such submissions are done so and partaken by the user in a willingly manner, 21Websites does not force, in any way, any client or user to partake in such surveys or questionnaires or any similar relating forms. 21Websites will not repost/ distribute or sell any submissions from these forms or such alike. We also provide forms and request questionnaires to be filled in order for work purposes as stated on our Process page, by which the client works with us in order to achieve a certain goal. These forms will be confidential and only accessible between the client and 21Websites.

Liability disclaimer

At any time software, information, services, products and or such relating to 21Websites services offered may contain inaccuracies, typographical, design and or other related errors. 21Websites has the right to correct these at any time and correct any wrong done to the limits we are able to do so. We have the right to update and change our website at any given time. Any advice received from 21Websites should not be relied upon for personal, financial, medical or legal decisions and you should consult the proper professionals relating to these fields and or other fields based on the situation. 21Websites, and any service or business managed or relating to us, makes no representations about how suitable, reliable, available, timeliness or any accuracy of information, software, products, services, or any content that is contained and managed on our website, for any purpose. All information, software, products, services and/or relating to 21Websites is provided as is without warranty or condition of any kind, unless stated otherwise. We hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions regarding our information, software, products, services and related services, and related sale, merchandise, or any other offers created/developed by 21Websites. 21Websites and any managed or owned business by us, will not be held liable for any fault, harm, damages, data lose, website performance issues, failure to provide services, delays or inability to use our services/products offered or obtained, arising out of the use of the website or related site/service/products, the provision of or failure to provide services, for any information, software, products, services, and related services offered that are obtained through 21Websites website or related sources. These limitations may not apply to you, if you question any service, product, terms of use relating and offered by 21Websites and/or based on our website, you have all the right to discontinue using them

Termination/access restriction

It is 21Websites sole discretion, to terminate any access to any one of services, web pages, website and or other forms of access that is owned and managed by 21Websites, at any given time, without notice. Our terms and conditions will be governed by, and construed in all respects in accordance to the South African laws. Any further documents, papers or relating information must be drawn up in English.


The names of products and companies mentioned within this document may be trademarks of their respected owners. All examples herein are fictitious. All rights belong to the respected owners of names relating to the companies and products mentioned in this document.

The following will not be endorsed by 21Websites:

21Websites does not endorse the following; Adult or pornographic content, services or products; illegal firearms, ammunition, replicas, militaria, weapons of any sort; human parts and remains; anything illegal; illegal drugs; unauthorized copies, copyright violations, plagiarism or any such material; religious beliefs, physic readings, palm readers, sorcery, black magic, or other such practices; unauthorized photos that contain offensive material .

Business Terms & Conditions

Information regards business terms and conditions

The full extent of service and agreement of business deal between 21Websites and the Client is referred to as “The Project”.

Project responsibility

1 The Client and 21Websites acknowledge the fact that any success of the Project is the responsibility of both parties involved. Failure by either 21Websites or the Client to complete the Project or any services agreed upon may result in unsuccessful Project completion.
2 Both parties (21Websites and the Client) agree upon a joint effort in accomplishing a service or Project(s) with fixed deadlines.
3 21Websites may appoint sub-contractors to assist in meeting its obligations on the Project.
4 21Websites accommodate the Client and provide the appropriate measures and services offered, in order for the ease of work on the Project at hand.

Scope of project

5 The scope of the Project is described in detail in the proposal and agreement form (invoice). As changes of the scope may change over time, 21Websites will have no obligations to proceed with any change proposed by the Client until the cost and time impact has been agreed. 21Websites will accommodate the changes with a summed up invoice of the added changes that the Client wishes to undergo. Should any scope of the project be obscured or delayed by the Client, 21Websites has all rights to treat this as an absence on the Clients part and may add/revise the scope of the project/invoices, even should the circumstances have been out of the Clients control.


6 On agreement of the project between the Client and 21Websites both parties have the right to withhold “sensitive data/information”. However, a certain amount of data and information will be required in order to carry out the Project at hand. (design thoughts, contact information, etc).
7 Both parties agree that the information shared under the Project will be strictly protected and confidential, and will not be disclosed to any third party except prior signed approval. Both the Client and 21Websites respect the information received between each other and will not share in any way this information.

Intellectual property rights

8 21Websites has all right to retain property rights and copyright of any work performed, produced, design and any service relating to the creation by 21Websites, whether or not it has been paid for by the Client. We have the right to retain copies of work and deliverables as are necessary for reference purposes. 21Websites may at any time, re-use concepts, designs and other outputs created in any Project, even if it has been paid for by the Client.

Remedies and liabilities

9 21Websites aim is to work alongside the Client to achieve the end goal of the Project at hand and by doing so the Client agrees to work alongside 21Websites to reach the end goal of the Project.
10 Should any failure be of 21Websites fault, the Client agrees to permit a reasonable opportunity for us to remedy any shortcoming or failure of the service, products or Project by 21Websites. These failures will only be considered if the Project has not undergone a change with another service or undergone any changes by any third-party and/or business that does not relate to 21Websites, and must be pointed out by the Client within 3 months.
11 The Client understands that 21Websites, and any employees working under 21Websites, cannot be held liable for any products and/or services offered or relating back to 21Websites for any lose or damage of any kind, including but not limited to, loss of profits, corruption of data, lose of contracts, time or any such further liabilities.

Infringement and copyright

12 21Websites will correct, remedy or defend any claim by a third party about any South African copyright related infringements. 21Websites will defend against a third party claim that any service or deliverable 21Websites has provided infringes a South African copyright. This statement will not apply to any products or services produced, created, designed, written or any other further services by 21Websites that have been handed over to Clients full control, as this will be considered out of reach of 21Websites control, and the products/services will be under complete authorization of the Client, therefore being the Clients liability.

Force majeure

13 Should there be any delay in, or failure to complete any service, product, deadline or any further services offered by 21Websites, we will not be held liable for such failure or delays as these will be considered causes outside of reasonable control.


14 21Websites reserves the right to, if believed to be the right course of action, out-source Project work, or appoint certain individuals working under 21Websites to a Project due to availability, time, skills and/or any further reasons. This is to ensure that work stays on track between the agreement of the Client and 21Websites.
15 Should 21Websites or the Client have any key members, that are representatives managing the work of the Project, leave, abandon or otherwise remove themselves from the Project, a reasonable time period or agreement will be set in place in order to replace this person, or further, agreement to; reallocate to a new representative in charge of the Project, or a change in the scope of the Project.
16 Neither party shall for the duration of the Project, and for one year thereafter, employ any person engaged by the other in connection with the Project.

Termination of agreement

17 The Client has the decision to cancel or restrict any services from 21Websites. This can be done at any time in which case, for month to month services; the client has notified us a month in advance and paid for the current month still in service. Should the Client wish to cancel and work has started on the project at hand, no refunds will be permitted and the standard rate of the agreed upon Project will be paid in full. Certain billing rates will be charged accordingly under the services offered/products ; this may be, for example, a higher charge in cancelling midway a Project will include the Clients forfeit of the deposits made till that point, plus a cancellation fee that will be 70% of the remaining amount (if the total of the Project exceeds 10, 000 South African rands). Should 21Websites wish to cancel, restrict or terminate its participation in a Project, we have all rights to do so, in which case; the Client may be held liable to pay for cancellation charges. 21Websites may cancel, terminate or restrict its services or withhold any participation in any Project for which fees have been outstanding for 30 days of payment due; or should we feel that the Client has repeatedly/ significantly failed to adhere to our agreements or terms and conditions.
18 Should a change in scope of a Project be a result of reasons and factors beyond the Clients control, the Client has the decision to withdraw and cancel the services or Project but will be held liable to pay the remaining amount due of the entire scope of the Project/ service.


19 The total amount of a Project’s economical proposal by 21Websites is based on balanced invoices that are charge accordingly by our deposit terms and conditions, which are based on the total amount of the Project at hand. Any fee or invoice that is outstanding beyond 10 days will pack on compound interest until paid in full, which will be based on a current compound rate according to the bank in use that the Client has to make payment into.

Web Design Terms and Conditions

The process for a new web design project

1 Projects that exceed R10, 000.00 require a 50% deposit from the Client before work may commence. Projects that are R10, 000.00, or less, require 100% deposit from the Client before any work may commence.
2 Once payment has been received we will start work on the agreed upon Project. We will take into account the briefing form the Client has successfully filled out and send a further detailed form requiring further details to be added to the Project. All forms are online and need to be filled out within the given time period. Should the online forms be out-of-order or restrict the possibility to send, we will provide you with a WordDoc via email to complete instead.
3 Once we have gathered all the information from the Client we will proceed to give a set time of Project completion which will be estimated on the amount of information, functionalities and such that the Client has specified in written form. (Please note; websites which have more information and functionalities generally take longer to develop).
4 Once the Project has been completed we will upload the final to our servers for revision and confirmation. The Client is given 5 working days to review the final Project and provide any further changes/information (the final will be on a protected server that will require a password.
5 Changes that the Client provides will be required either via our online forms (to which the client will be provided a link) or, if requested or in the event the online forms are out-of-order, the Client will receive an email containing a WordDoc that will need to be filled out and sent back within 5 working days.

Please note; any changes sent through that exceed the following may be charged at an additional fee (no changes will commence until payment has been made); if changes exceed 30 minutes we will charge accordingly and once payment has been received work on the change may commence, if changes require a complete re-design and or any work that will change a complete section/page/website of its current final state these changes will be charged accordingly and will commence once payment has been received .

6 Once changes have been completed the final Project will be shown to the Client and the rest of the outstanding invoice (40% for projects over R10, 000.00) will be sent and payment expected within 5 working days. (Please note; Any fee or invoice that is outstanding beyond 6 working days day’s will pack on compound interest until paid in full, which will be based on a current compound rate according to the bank in use that the Client has to make payment into.) Work will not commence until payment has been received.
7 In order for the final Project to be sent to the Client / Downloaded / uploaded to a live server, payment on the final 10% is required. Once payment has been received we will provide the Client with the login details to download their files / we will send the final Project via email (Only applies to Projects that may be graphic design or Projects that do not contain multiple folders and such) / we will upload the final Project to the Clients live servers, which will require the Clients FTP details. This will be a finished/live Project that will be considered completed.

Any further changes or adjustments that the Client would like us to correct to the completed Project will be charged and will be considered a new working cycle / new Project.

Please note; in order to make a Project/Website live we will require the registered domain details and a hosting details from the Client. The service provider for domain and hosting that the Client has chosen can provide these details. The Client will need to provide the Cpanel or/and the FTP details and if a MySQL database needs to be set up will require this to be done by your service provider before sending the details. Please consult with your service provider for any questions regarding what has been stated above.

Themes, Plugins & Software

We build websites with the following; Bootstrap 4 (the latest) framework, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP7, and any further computer languages, or if the Client has chosen Wordpress CMS we create websites with the open source content management system that Wordpress provides. By building a website using Wordpress the Client acknowledges that by using Wordpress both the Client and 21Websites abide to their terms and use and thus the Client agrees that by choosing to use 21Websites services we are not held liable or responsible for any fault, damages or problematic software relating to WordPress.org.

21Websites also builds websites using third-party plug-ins that are provided by WordPress.org. 21Websites is cautious and rely on using trustworthy companies/ plug-ins or any further software or services/products that meet current web standards, therefore 21Websites cannot be held liable for any faulty, broken or damaged plug-ins, themes, third-party services/products used in the creation of any services offered as we have no control over any third party software, code, products or services .

Viruses - Outdated Websites

21Websites takes the security of their products/service seriously and we try our utmost to keep our security up-to-date and follow all security precautions at the time of website/service creations. We also take precautions and install the security plug-ins for WordPress where possible. We take all precautions to maintain and keep our services/products/servers and such secure wherever possible.

However, the safety or security measures taken cannot guarantee the prevention of hacks, viruses, data manipulation or any further harm or unexpected security breaches and so 21Websites cannot be held liable in any case. 21Websites cannot be held liable for; any unexpected errors or websites failure to work correctly, any faulty software or websites, any outdated code or faults.

21Websites cannot be held liable for websites/services that are considered to be outdated. The factors range from a number of reasons that the websites/service may be outdated such as; outdated code, newer browser software that is incompatible with the current code files, a language that the website/service runs on has been discontinued, etc.

Website Updates - Website Maintenance

1All changes to be made are sent via our online forms, in the event that our forms are out-of-order we will require a WordDoc to be sent via email, from the Client.

2 Once we have received the changes file/form we will determine the time it will take to apply the changes and will charge a reasonable fee. We will send the Client the quotation.

3 The client needs to accept the quotation and provide payment before any work will commence.

4 Changes that take 1-2 hours will take estimated 7 working days, changes that exceed 2-4 hours will take an estimated 14-21 working days. We understand changes may be urgent we will try our utmost to make these changes and updates our priority.

Should the Client maintain their own website 21Websites cannot be held liable if anything breaks during content updates or changes, code alterations, plug-in installation or changes, theme updates or any further updates/changes that may cause the website to break.

Alternatively the Client can request 21Websites to maintain their website at hourly rates/ package rates/ changes or updates rates. (Please have a look at our maintenance options for further details). In a rare case that the website breaks and/or becomes unfixable we can offer to restore a back-up for you upon request. In both cases whether the Client or 21Websites maintains the website 21Websites cannot be held liable for any damaged or unexpected faults/disruptions on the website .

Live Website

Once a website is live (hosted by 21Websites or a 3rd party hosting provider that the Client has chosen) the website is considered finished and the work life of the Project completed. The Client now owns the finished product and any Client that agrees to make their website live or download/receive the entire finished folders that this is a finished product. Clients that require changes to be made once project is complete will be charged accordingly and the changes will be considered a new work life cycle that is separate of the website or finished project. Once a project is completed the time spend on the project will be considered used and completed of which no further time is required, expected or demanded by 21Websites for the finished Project.

Login Information

21Websites reserves all right to withhold login details or prevent final Project files/folders to be accessible that has been created or developed for the Clients until final payment has been received. Payment applies regardless whether the website/service has been made live or on our demo server being reviewed and finalized. 21Websites will not be held liable for any changes made to the website or any files/folders that are altered, adjusted or deleted once the Client has received the folder/files or has complete access and control further to the final Project received. In the event that the Client requests the files/folder after already receiving the final folder/files and the Client does not have any agreement of website maintenance packages that provide re-downloadable/receivable or back-up folders to be kept, a fee may be charged in order to re-download/receive the folders/files again.

Online Marketing

Below you will find our Online Marketing Terms and Conditions.

21Websites will not be liable for any harm, any form of damage or abuse made to the Client that may be the result of third-party services/software. These may be (but are not limited to) the following; social media accounts, any account, software and/or service that has been managed by 21Websites on behalf of the Client

Google Adwords & any Third Party Services

1 All invoices are required to be paid in full at the beginning of each month. Failure to pay the monthly invoice on due date may result in account suspension. 21Websites is not required to, and will not pay, a Client’s third-party service/software from company budget, the Client is expected to pay in full the required amount to ensure their subscriptions and accounts to any third-party services/software/products are up-to-date.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1 Any SEO services or any third party services offered by 21Websites are required to be paid the first week of each month. Failure to do so will end the Clients subscription or account and a new set-up fee may be charged. Should the Client wish to cancel any services offered by 21Websites the Client must ensure a written request is sent to 21Websites via email/form one month in advance.

Social Media Life Cycle

1 Invoice and quotation are sent to the Client which must be paid in FULL before any work may commence.
2 Any discussions will be done via email support or, if agreed upon my 21Websites and the Client, done via telephone appointment.
3 Once payment has been received the Client may send through all content, ideas and instructions for 21Websites to carry out.
4 Updates and posts will all be scheduled and will require proof of payment before uploaded. 21Websites will discuss this in detail via email with the Client.
5 Prepared content and post dates must be approved by the Client before posting.
6 Any desire to cancel these services will require one months notice in written form by the Client and sent through via email.

Refund Policy

Below you will find our terms refund policy.

21Websites offers non-tangible and irrevocable goods/services therefore we do not issue refunds once an order has been placed and product/service has started work or have been sent off as a finished service/product. We value and respect our customers and therefore will remind the customer about our terms and conditions regards our refund policy – these will be stated in our emails regarding “invoices” and the main points will be in red written form along with encouragement to read further on our Refunds Policy page

The following terms address the most regularly cited consumer issues:

Failure of service/product delivery: Any services or products that have not been received may be due to email issues beyond our control. Should customers claim to have not received any services/products we recommend that the customer email us immediately within 7 working days from the expected due date of delivery. Should the customer not inform us within these 7 (seven) working days 21Websites will consider the product/service received and/or downloaded successfully by which any claims after the 7 (seven) working days as indicated will not be considered urgent or failure receiving the service/product in any form. Unless the customer is on a monthly package deal that allows for back-ups to be received monthly, any requested back-ups will be charged at the original price of the entire scope of the project.

File download and unzipping: any issues regarding the downloading and unzipping of a service/product file must be sent to 21Websites and notified within 2 working days of download/retrieval period. Should the customer fail to alert 21Websites within these 2 working days we will equate the silence of the customer with a successful download/retrieval of the service/product and will not be liable for any further issues that may arise and will not entertain any requests of refunds due to any downloading/unzipping or product/service retrieval issues.

Service/Product defects or malfunctions: 21Websites has the right to rectify any defects, unexpected errors or malfunctioning of our products, granted that the customer alerts us within 1-3 working days. Under no circumstances will 21Websites be liable or issue any refunds of a product and/or service (financially or otherwise), we also will not be liable to swap out the product/service. If 21Websites has not been informed within the 3 working days stated, we will not consider the service/product faulty due to any reasons relating to us, as the customer/Client will have been in full control of the service/software/product and the liability will have fallen unto the customer or any third-party or service that the customer chose to allow the handling of our product/services.

Product not-as-described / false marketing of services/products: Such claims must be submitted to 21Websites within 3 working days of product/service purchase/retrieval. The Client is required to provide clear display of proof that the services/products received were not as advertised by 21Websites and/or agreed upon in the Client – 21Websites Project Agreement. We will rightfully correct any errors or faults to any non-adherence to products or services descriptions. Under no circumstance will a refund be issued to the customer/Client. Any claims or complaints that are formed around the Client’s own false expectations or such relating assumptions will not be honored.

Monthly package subscriptions Refund Policy:

All Clients that have agreed to our monthly subscriptions of any kind offered are bound to the following terms:

If the Client wishes to cancel their subscription to any one of our service/product/software AFTER payment has been made for that month (via cash or EFT transfer or any automatic payment) no refund will be issued. Under no circumstances will 21Websites consider a refund financially or otherwise for our monthly packages/subscriptions. Any requests to cancel monthly subscriptions are to be sent via email within one month notice.

Work-in-Progress Return Policy:

Once an agreement has been signed between the Client and 21Websites on a Project/service/product, the Client agrees and understands the following terms:

If 21Websites has started work on a Project relating to an agreement after receiving payment from said Client; under no circumstances will we agree to issue a refund to the Client in any financial or otherwise requested form.

We aim to provide a professional service and to keep up good communication with our respected customers, however, should the delay of the project be substantial and no work has started and the fault is of technical reasons our side, we will consider issuing a refund of the deposit on the delayed Project.

Should there be a delay on delivery of the Project due to circumstances beyond our control, no refund will be issued.

21Websites does not take responsibility on services/products that are not compatible with third-party software (any plug-ins, search engines, devices, etc). We don’t guarantee that all our products/services are fully compatible with all/some third-party software/programs and we will not issue any refunds/exchanges or returns based on any incompatibility you may come to find with our services/products.

We will be more than glad to answer any of your questions should you feel the need to consult with us please head to our “Get in Touch” page and locate the email that is at current under “Support".

User and Client Consent:

By using our services you consent to all our terms and conditions including our refund policy.

By using our website and services/products you have read through all our terms and conditions on our Terms and Conditions page(s). For any questions please navigate to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page, or feel free to send us an email/form with your query.

Changes to our Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions:

We may change our Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and further terms and agreements, those changes will be made on this page, we may add these changes in our invoices and agreements and make our customers aware of them with encouragement read our Terms and Conditions. All major agreements relating to refunds are stated on the bottom of every invoice for the customer to read with a further link to our Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy pages.

Thank you for choosing 21Websites website services.